Autumn in Edinburgh (2)

Edinburgh’s New Town – wonderfully elegant Georgian archictecture. Combined with the Old Town it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site (thanks Wikipedia!) Having lived in London for several years I’ve developed a remarkable distaste for  tourist trails and associated tat. Having moved up to Edinburgh I have to reconcile this natural aversion with the fact that whilst I now live here I am essentially one of those tourists… But that’s not always a bad thing and it’s never a bad idea to take the camera out and stop and look up and around, take pictures and read signs. I only noticed the memorials at Grassmarket (the old site of Edinburgh’s gallows) on about my fifth walk through and was quite moved by the history of the place. Similarly, it was only on an aimless wander that Isabelle and I noticed the memorial on Cowgate to James Connolly, Irish socialist, born there in 1868. Connolly was executed firing squad in 1916 for his role in Dulin’s Easter Rising against British rule.  It’s a small memorial plaque quite hidden under the grandeur of George IV Bridge – perhaps that’s interesting in itself – but it was a very poignant find.


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