Nairobi to Addis (8) Lake Turkana

We reached the town of Loyangalani in our convoy having skirted the edge of the stunning Lake Turkana and then very promptly left. The place was incredible but as soon as we rolled into town we found a truck loading up for the journey through the desert to Marsabit (and the northern route to the Ethiopian border) and, after speaking to the truckers, realised that this might be our best shot at an onward ride for a good few days, if not a week. I’d have happily spent a week in that amazing place but we didn’t have the luxury of time. We negotiated a price and climbed in the back of the lorry. I’m glad we did – and not just because it might of been the only possible ride for a week – as the journey was fascinating. I managed to get some decent shots of the lake and its utterly barren surroundings, blasted volcanic rock, fisherman and huge fish eagles, all from the top of the truck’s canopy bars. We bounced along till midnight, getting to know our fellow passengers until we came to a halt in the middle of the desert. These fellow passengers turned out to have been hired by the truck drivers to load desert sand. We found a particularly good sand spot (not quite sure what it was about that spot in all this expanse of, uh, sand) but the guys set to work with gusto, shovelling what must have been at least a ton of the stuff on top of the grain sacks that we’d been reclining on previously.  We spent the rest of the journey either trying to sleep down in the sand or hanging on for dear life on top of the canopy before arriving in Marsabit before dawn.


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